On Tuesday, June 20th incoming officers for the Rotary Club of Nashua West were inducted and our past year of accomplishments and achievements were recognized.
Cecilia Ulibarri, Immediate Past President, opened the meeting thanking Matt Laliberte for his year of service and dedication to our club. She expressed gratitude to our “small and mighty club” for accomplishing a lot with our dedication to “service above self” and commitment to unity and teamwork. Matt then summarized a variety of accomplishments completed during his time as our president.
Outgoing Board members were recognized by President Matt Laliberte with a Paul Harris donation being given to each in their honor. Incoming president, Andrew Cirrone was granted a Paul Harris Fellow by Foundation Chair, Julie Boilard which was donated by club member, Lee Alison. In the spirit of goodwill and friendship, including some fun, several members were acknowledged by Matt for their past year of service to the club:
  • Rotary Rockstar – Jan Valuk
  • Cheerleaders – Marc Berube, David Kusofsky and Cecilia Ulibarri                 
  • Mrs. Rotary – Carol Powis
  • Next Man Up – Andrew Cironne
  • Party Planner – Andrea Van Iten
  • Jack of All Trades – Jordan Guagliumi
Officers and Directors inducted for 2023-24 include: President, Andrew Cirrone; President Elect, Jordan Guagliumi; Vice President, Lori Lambert; Secretary, Carol Powis; Treasurer, Carolyn Oguda; Assistant Treasurer, Jackie Perry; Immediate Past President, Matt Laliberte. Directors are Membership, Nicole Ennis; International, Mike Apfelberg; Community Service, Helen Honorow; Fundraising, Jan Valuk; and Director, Scott Huffer. David Annand will be Sargent-at-Arms.
Incoming President Andrew Cirrone then shared his personal sentiments on his commitment to Rotary, our club, and the community of Nashua announcing that our club’s theme for the upcoming year will be “Engagement”. This will include engagement within our own club and with the community in making an impact on people’s lives to have a more active club and gratifying club experience for our members.
Should you be interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of Nashua West,  reach out to Nicole Ennis at nennis@frontdooragency.org or any member of the Rotary Club of Nashua West.