Nashua West
United States of America

Community Organization Assistance Program

The Rotary Club of Nashua West provides financial assistance to local 501(c) 3 community organizations in the greater Nashua area to aid them in providing the necessary services and programs that meet our community’s needs.  We provide assistance for many reasons:  a specific project or program, purchase of equipment or supplies, or to assist in repairs and maintenance of facilities.  We usually do not make awards to the general operating fund of an organization.


            As you have applied for Rotary West funds in the past, or have contacted us to participate in our program, an application for funding is below.  Please mail or deliver completed applications to:

Helen Honorow, Esquire


161 Kinsley Street

Nashua, NH 03060


            The deadline for applications for funds is Friday, April 26, 2019.  All completed applications must include 12 copies of the application collated to include 12 copies of any attachments or brochures (also collated).  Applications may not be sent forward via e-mail.  You must submit 12 hard copies of your application and any attachments you wish to provide.  All funds will be awarded by June 30, 2019 and each organization will be asked to make a presentation to the Rotary Club so that the Club members understand how the awarded funds are used.


            Thank you for your efforts for our community.  Please reply to this e-mail so that we are aware that you received it.



                                                                        Helen G. Honorow

                                                                        Community Projects Chair




Submission Deadline is April 26, 2019


Please complete this form with sufficient detail to enable the Community Projects Committee to properly evaluate your request.  If a particular section does not apply, please do not leave it blank, but indicate N/A.  You may attach other relevant materials that you would like the Committee to consider, or submit a formal proposal to include the following information.  You must submit twelve (12) hard copies of your application, as well as twelve (12) hard copies of any attachments.


1.   Name of Organization applying:


2.   Address:


3.   Contact person for this request, telephone number, and e-mail address:


4.   Title of Program/Project for which funds are requested:


5.   Briefly describe the Program/Project for which the funds are requested.  Please describe in some detail how the requested funds will be utilized and the number of people who will be served with the requested funds.  Please be sure that your description helps us to understand how your program is unique, or different, and does not duplicate the services of another agency.  Please include the number of years for which the program has been in existence.  If you are able to describe how you would measure success, please do so.


6.   Amount requested:


7.   Please identify any other organizations from which you have solicited the same request for funds and the amount you have received, or expect to receive (if any) to such solicitations:


8.   Does your organization charge a fee to persons participating in your program?  If so, please describe the fee structure.  Also, please indicate whether scholarships, sliding scale fees, and/or free services are offered to program participants and the basis upon which reduced fees are offered:


  1. Does your organization receive state, federal, city, or United Way (or similar entity) funding for the Program/Project?


10.  Please indicate the approximate number of Nashua and Nashua area residents that this program serves or will serve.


11.  Please provide an income (identifying sources of income) and expense statement for your most recent fiscal year and attach it to this application.  You may submit an operating budget if it also includes prior year actual financial results.