Nashua Rotary West Hats and Mittens Project for the Nashua School System
Another Successful Year!
Brrrr!  These time of year, wintry weather and snow sends everyone to dig out their winter gear. Parents spend extra time in the morning making sure that their children are bundled off to school with adequate protection against the elements.  But not all families in our community are able to provide their children with hats and mittens to help keep them safe from the cold.  That's where Nashua Rotary West comes in.  For more than 5 years,  members of this community service group have allocated funds they raised, supplemented by their personal donations, to help outfit children in preschool through high school with winter gear. 
Each September, once school is in full swing, members of the Community Projects Committee contact the superintendent's office to obtain a list of needs.  The nurses at each school then assemble a "wish list" of various sized hats, waterproof mittens and gloves, and scarves. This year, an allotment was also set aside for the Arlington Street Community Center.  List in hand, the Rotarian shoppers are off and running!  Finding hundreds of items to match the list calls for some detective work and creative shopping on the part of the Rotarians, as few stores put out winter gear until the cold weather really sets in. And the Rotarians work hard to get their deliveries to the schools before Thanksgiving.  As always, the best part is seeing the gratitude of the school nurses who worry deeply about their students.  It's just one way Rotary is there to serve the Nashua Community.