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Nashua West

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Crowne Plaza Hotel
2 Somerset Pkwy
Nashua, NH  03063
United States
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The Rotary Club of Nashua West began in 1971.  Today it has over 90 members, who are business and community leaders.  The mission of Nashua West is to direct the energy of our membership toward improving the lives in our community and the world.
Throughout the year we hold events to raise money so we can give back to the community.  Our different events range from a Spaghetti City dinner we hold at the Senior Center in October.  We buy and give away hats and mittens in December as well as over 75 gifts to the local children for Christmas morning so they to have something under the tree.  Father's Day weekend we hold the best event in NH "Rotary Rock'n Ribfest" at Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack NH, and we take applications for scholarships and for donations to different non-profits in the community.  The proceeds from all of our events go back to the community in many different ways.
Our Rotarians volunteer their time for all the events we hold throughout the year.  This past Saturday, October 18th, 2014 we road and walked along a float we built with another club called Nashua Rotary in the 1st Annual Gate City Fall Festival and Parade.  We had many Rotarians come out to take part in building the float, riding on it and walking next to it.  We also manned the float at the festivities at Holman Stadium.
One event we held during one of our lunch meetings was packing thousands of meals (11,826 to be exact) on September 23rd.  Thanks to End Hunger New England these meals will go to hungry folks in Hillsborough County!  Visit our Facebook page at to see some pictures of events we work on and the fun we have with our fellowship and sense of pride giving back to our community.
If you would like more information about our club stop by any Tuesday at 12:15 and enjoy a lunch with us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Parkway.  We look forward to having you and enlightening you on a great group of individuals called "Rotarians"!


Our Club

The Rotary Club of Nashua West is pleased you’ve come to our website…  We welcome you to peruse our pages and get an understanding of our club’s activities and interest.

Considering Membership?

If you’re considering membership in our club, we wish to extend our welcoming hand to you.  We are looking for more generous people to help us carry out our mission of Service Above Self.  There are many in our local, regional, and international grasp that are in need of people like you to help.  Our club needs many hands to help us carry out our mission, for, many hands can do what a single hand cannot.  If you like what you see and would like to learn more about becoming part of our amazing club, please send the Membership Committee Chair an email.  The Membership Chair can be found under the list of Directors on our home page (down and to the left).  Simply click on the link and fill in the inquiry form.

Looking for a Grant?

Each year our club accepts grant requests from local non-profit institutions.  If your local non-profit is interested in applying for a grant, please get in touch with our Community Projects Committee Chair.  The Community Projects Committee Chair can be found under the list of Directors on our home page (down and to the left).  Simply click on the link and fill in the inquiry form.

Going On To School After High School and need a Scholarship?

Each year our club accepts applications for our Scholarships for those seeking Post High School educational opportunities.  If you’d like to apply for one of our Scholarship programs, please get in touch with our Scholarship Committee Chair.  The Scholarship Committee Chair can be found under the list of Directors on our home page (down and to the left).  Simply click on the link and fill in the inquiry form.


Need More Information or Wish to make a Suggestion?

If you cannot find the information you’ve come to our website to seek or want to make a suggestion on how we can improve our website, please get in touch with any of the Directors that you think might help.  If you cannot find the director you need, please get in touch with the President directly.  The President can be found under the list of Directors on our home page (down and to the left).  Simply click on the link and fill in the inquiry form.










How West Side Story Got Its Name
Charter Members: Joel Saren, President #5, and David B. Fite

When Rotary West began we were mostly young business leaders in the Nashua community. Very quickly we all became good friends.  Our wives also became close friends.  At Rotary West events, it was like a family event without the family turmoil (LOL). 

Members and wives all participated in all the events.  We played co-ed softball games against the Old Man’s Club (Nashua Rotary).  We also played softball men vs women.  Women won.  Men had to bat opposite.  (If you were righty, you had to bat lefty.)  We had Rotary West t-shirts for all.  Even some of our kids played in the game.  I recall that Dr. Robin Guthrie, (OBGYN) played and so did his wife, Mae as well as his son.  We enjoyed each other’s company very much.  We socialized with other Rotary West members.   We even chartered a bus to take us all to the Boston Garden to see the Celtics.  Members, wives, children and friends came. 

I remember on the drive to Boston, I sat next to (Charter member) Paul Munroe.  I didn’t know Paul all that well, except that he worked for 1590 Broadcaster and WSMN radio.  During the drive Paul and I chatted about all types of things.  I asked Paul about where he was before he came to Nashua.  Paul began to reveal his background and time in Hollywood, California.

He told me that he had worked on many early TV shows: Specifically the Morey Amsterdam Show, and the Jerry Lester Show.  He shared stories about many Hollywood stars, I had only read about.  Hearing about his background was amazing and so interesting.  The bus ride ended too soon as we talked about his time in Hollywood and the people he knew, the TV shows he was involved with, and the plays and movies he collaborated on.   At some point Paul just stopped recalling those days and said, “You know Joel,” West Side Story” would be a good name for our newsletter.   So Paul should get the credit for coming up with the name “West Side Story.”  The name “West Side Story” has survived the test of time.  

Prior to the wonderful and appropriate name “West Side Story” we had experimented with other chided names.  At first we tried to tease the Nashua Rotary and their newsletter – “SMILE” so we called our first newsletter “SMIRK.”  Eventually, our Board of Directors approved the name “West Side Story.”  That’s how our West Side Story got its name.

Footnote about Paul Munroe.  Paul had his degree in engineering, but that was not readily known.  At some point he left his job at WSMN and took a job SWEEPING FLOORS at Nashua Corporation from midnight to 8am.  Paul told me that one day, one of the Nashua Corporation owners was walking the shop floor and saw fellow Rotarian Paul sweeping the floor !!!!   Mr. Carter (Nashua Rotary) asked Paul why he was there sweeping floors.  Paul said he needed a job.  Mr. Carter put Paul to work in his field of study as an engineer.

Joel Saren and David Fite

Part III, The first Board of Directors meeting, dealing with growth.

Part IV, How Spaghetti City got its name

Part V, 1976 bi-centennial celebration

Part VI, The Balls in the Mall



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