Event Types

Last meeting at the Crowne Plaza, ALL future meetings will be at the Marriott Nashua Exit 8.

Last meeting at the Crowne Plaza
Dec 05, 2017

Holiday Party at 5:30pm at the Nashua Courtyard Marriott

Holiday Party at 5:30pm at the Nashua Marriott
Dec 12, 2017

No Lunchtime Meeting today.

Holiday Party at 6pm at the Nashua Marriott

No Lunchtime Meeting today
Dec 12, 2017

Food preparation for End 68 hours of hunger at the Nashua Courtyard Marriott Exit 8

This will be a joint meeting with the Nashua Club


Food preparation for End 68 hours of Hunger Monday
Dec 18, 2017

No Meeting on Tuesday 19th Dec, please attend Monday 18th Dec at the Nashua Marriott Exit 8

No Meeting on Tuesday.
Dec 19, 2017

No meeting today.

No meeting today.
Dec 26, 2017

First Meeting of the new year and at our new location Courtyard Marriott in Nashua, regular time of 12pm.

The programs committee would like to invite you to participate in a Yankee Swap Re-gift during the programs portion of the meeting.

Below are the rules, depending on the number of participants we'll either do it by table or as a big group.

  • Bring a re-gift and take it to your seat with you
  • Let them know at check in so we can track the number of people participating
  • Players draw numbers to determine the order
  • If a player doesn't like the gift they receive, they can steal any open gift
  • One stolen gift per round
  • Player one goes first and last
  • Have fun!
First Meeting of the new year
Jan 02, 2018

Over the past 25 years, Len Sandler has successfully developed and delivered close to 3,000 management and leadership seminars designed to help people at all levels to improve their job performance. He has conducted programs for such organizations as EMC, NASA, GEICO, General Motors, IBM, Siemens, AT&T, Disney, Lockheed-Martin, McKesson, Citigroup, Liberty Mutual, General Electric, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Navy, Hertz, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Honeywell, Abbott Labs, Motorola, Staples, Verizon, Merck, and Oracle. Prior to that, he spent 16 years in human resources, most recently as Corp. H.R. Dir. at Computervision, a 6,000-employee company. Formerly an adjunct professor at Boston Univ.’s School of Mgmt., he holds a B.S. in Psychology, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior. He has published numerous magazine articles and is the author of Becoming an Extraordinary Manager: The Five Essentials for Success, published by AMACOM in 2007.

Len Sandler
Jan 09, 2018

Kent will speak of the infamous Martineau-Nelson case, whose ironies, coincidences, twists and turns kept much of southern New Hampshire hanging on 
every word of testimony for a solid six weeks some 59 years ago.

Kent Barker
Jan 16, 2018

Superintendent of the Nashua School District.

Superintendent Mosley
Jan 23, 2018

Mike Rose and Sue DeSocio will talk about Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts and Ryer Hospital.

Mike Rose and Sue DeSocio
Feb 06, 2018

Fifteen years ago, former New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice John Broderick was attacked by his son, who had an undiagnosed mental illness. Now, Broderick  is on a mission to increase awareness of the signs of mental illness that he missed in his son.

Judge John Broderick
Feb 13, 2018
Sarah Palermo
Feb 20, 2018
David Kosofsky
Feb 27, 2018
Apr 14, 2018
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Jun 01, 2018 – Jun 03, 2018