The 2018 Father's day weekend hosted another successful Ribfest.
Here's an article from WRUR:
Thousands enjoy barbecue, entertainment at Rock'n Ribfest

Rock’n Ribfest in Merrimack draws huge crowds hungry for barbecue every year, but for the first time, this year’s festivalgoers also saw a couple say, “I do.”

For regular Ribfest-goers, the food, drink and entertainment are the main draw.

“Love it,” said Nashua resident Donna Marshall, who was among the thousands at the event at the Anheuser-Busch brewery. “Gets better every year.”

“The weather's always good,” said Brittany Bellew, of Londonderry. “The band's great. It's really fun.”

“We had a great time and we're just enjoying the food and the beer here,” said Rebecca Howard, of Manchester. “It's a good time.”

People said the wait in line was worth it to eat some of the best barbecue in New Hampshire.

“Ribs, chicken, potato salad – I like trying all the different rib shacks every time I come, and they've all been good so far,” Laurie Bachelder, of Nashua.

Frank and Christine Cantwell have been attending Ribfest together for eight years, and love it so much, they decided to get married at the event.

“We don't want to do a traditional wedding,” Frank said. “We don't want all the thrills. We want to do something interesting and different. She said, ‘What about Ribfest?’ That's great. They've got everything here – ribs, music.”

A small wedding with family, friends and their favorite food is all they needed.

“I don't feel 1 ounce of stress,” Frank said. “I feel great.”

For others at Ribfest Sunday, it was the perfect way to spend Father’s Day.

“Food and beer – what more can you ask for?” said Merrimack resident Scott Saucier.