On November 17th the Rotary Club of Nashua West hosted its 4th annual Book Fair at Barnes and Noble where well over 100 books were purchased!
For this event Rotarians were invited to go to the store in person and purchase books to be given to the children of inmates at the NH Prisons in Concord and to purchase holiday gifts for their family and friends. As part of the program, if incarcerated parents do not have visitation rights, they can record these gifted books on CD to share with their children. The Prison has always been grateful for donations from Rotary West and each year the club receives heartwarming thank you notes directly from the inmates.
In addition to this event, the club also receives a gift card from Barnes and Noble for a percentage of our holiday sales which is then used to purchase additional books for both Mother’s and Father’s Day. 
In acknowledgement, the club wishes to thank our Literacy Committee and its chairperson, Jan Valuk and committee members Karen Lascelle, Andrea Nelson and Semra Lilic-Bahi.
Happy holidays and thank you to all who support this beneficial program! Should you be interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of Nashua West, please reach out to Nicole Ennis at nennis@frontdooragency.org or any of our members of the Rotary Club of Nashua West.